Wednesday, December 19, 2012


SOOO happy! I got an "A" in spanish!!! Yessssssssssss.

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yep, it's my Birthday! (It also took me six tries to spell "it's" right...not my day for typing). So yeah, that's about it...happy 16th birthday to me :-P

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today is my sisters B-day!

Yay! I got my thesis paper done =D... *sigh* it was also a day late, which means a 5% deductions, plus whatever awful mistakes I made...FAIL. I'm glad to be done.

Today is my sisters b-day, and tomorrow is mine. Idk what I'm going to do. I'm turning 16, but I think me and Mom are just going to go have lunch somewhere or something :-P. I'm also going to work today, in a couple minutes, which means I should be getting my socks and shoes on, NOT writing a boring post for my blog.


Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm Distracted [SQUIRREL!]

Oh. My. Goodness.
That would have felt good if I had actually screamed like that. So, I'm supposed to be working on my thesis paper that was due at 5:00 PM this afternoon/evening (idk what 5:00 PM's to late for afternoon, but it's like an hour early for evening. It has it's only special time...thingy...) but, I'm distracted. EVERYTHING is distracting me. I'm not normally like this. No, usually I can focus when I want to, turn off my overly active observation senses. Not today, nope, I'm stuck, when I need to concentrate most. I'm also eating dinner right now. I think that's a good excuse not to stare blankly at my paper on the screen, trying to drown out the  sounds of my brothers  playing XBox, my sisters chewing, the sound of silverware clinking on our dinner dishes, my baby brother eating pretzels and stabbing a tortilla with a fork...Not to mention the stress of knowing that my paper is already late, and every minute that ticks by is just adding to my lateness. Hopefully my teacher will have some sympathy...not that I deserve any, haha. See, I knew this blog would be a good idea, somewhere I can just talk... Talk...Talk...Do nothing worthwhile, bleh. Entertain random passerby's who happen to stop and read this...HI RANDOM PASSER BY. Of course, now that this is officially one of my new blogs, anyone that follows my poetry blog, or my bible challenge blog will undoubtedly check this one out too...HAHAHA I bet you guys had no idea I could be so ridiculously WEIRD.

I had a concert on Friday, and my Piano Recital on Saturday. I did fine at the concert, and totally failed at the Piano Recital. "Why?" you may ask...Well, I happen to have horrible stage fright sometimes, and for some reason the songs which I've had memorized for the last 3 months fled from my memory, and I had to practically sight read all of I played way to fast since I got so nervous after I messed up the first time. What makes it all that much worse, is that Gillian put me at the end, the VERY end, because she thought I could handle it, and close the recital with a bang...I bet she wasn't expecting that kind of "bang". FAIL ON MY PART.

I'm feeling better already. Talking about nothing important helps me calm down. Why am I freaking out? Good question, but I am. I'm feeling weird right now, I have this weird weird feeling that I'm going to start crying at any moment, but at the same time, I want to laugh, and laugh, and laugh....and cry. STUPID HORMONES.

Thanks to all who listened to this stupid rant, I hope that somehow it made your day better. What a LAME first post. But hey, I did call this blog "A Place Where I can Spill Out My Brains On Occasion". HAHAHAHA