Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Again :)

Wowsers. The last couple months have been whirlwindy to say the least! Debate season wrapped up, TeenPact just got done, been going crazy with SKIT stuff, Brit lit is wrapping up Monday, (thesis paper is currently looming over my head....), and it's just been generally hectic. Not all bad of course, 'cause I like doing lots of stuff, it's just I wish I could take a moment and clear my head sometimes! Oh, and I've lost my voice, and our show opens next week! AH! Scary. All I can say is, I need duck tape to put over my mouth so I'll stop straining it more than it already is! 

Clearing my head. Clearing my head. That's what I'm trying to do now. You know, this week of TeenPact has reminded me about how important spending time with the Lord every day is. I do pray, a lot everyday, but I've realized that my prayers are mostly just asking for things, blessings, courage, patience, etc etc. I haven't been taking the time to really talk to God, I've just been using him as a crutch to help me get by. That's scary the more I think about it! My relationship with the creator of all the universe should be SO much more than my constantly asking him for things. I'm not saying that asking God for blessings is necessarily a sin, but when it's the ONLY thing I'm talking to my Savior about...that's when it becomes a problem. I'm reminded of a analogy I have been told, and I've told to others: if you had a friend, all all they ever did was ask you for stuff, they never said thank you, or just talked to you about anything other than what you could give them, do you think that you'd stay friends very long? NO. But God doesn't just give up on us, and walk away like us humans would do. He patiently waits for us to come back around, sometimes it takes longer than normal, but hopefully we do come back around. And it's kinda interesting, it takes SO much pushing to get us to come back to Him, but when we get back, we realize that we've been feeling so incomplete and empty since we left! He is the only thing that truely satisfies. No pleasures on earth can compare to the joy and peace that He can give us! He can give us joy day by day, every morning, every noontime, every evening. He is the life of the world, and the only source of true and complete happiness :)