Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forever Friends...

Forever Friends
By Rebekah Perkins

I remember all these things about you, 
All these things we used to do,
All the memories we created together,
Our vows to be best friends, forever.

Late nights spent whispering secret things,
Talking about life, playing on those old swings,
That day when you suddenly said "You inspire me"
And I was so surprised I could only stare blankly.

I remember the way we'd watch the sunrise,
And when we tried to describe eachother's eyes...
Listening to music, walking your dog,
Agreeing that there was something distinctly majestic about fog.

I remember all our grand plans for our futures,
Imagining eachother's suitors...
I would marry one brother,
And you would marry the other.

It's hard to know that in just one month, you will,
That's one dream of your's that life will fulfill...
I always thought I'd be standing beside you on that day,
After all, that's what we always used to say.

We'd always promised to be one another's bridesmaid, 
But as our comrade began to fade...
I knew that that day would never come, 
We'd both have to find a new someone.

I wonder what exactly happened to we who were inseparable,
The void between us came so gradual,
Neither one of us noticed until it was there,
And now across that void I sadly stare.

No longer do we share eachother's secrets and dreams,
Our lives have gone down very different paths, it seems...
But even without our formerly strong friendship,
Love for you in my heart still holds a firm grip.

You cross my mind often, my friend,
And though the season of our lives together has come to an end,
No matter what time does to pull us apart...
You'll always hold a special place in my heart.