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Anne of Green Gables

I'm totally obsessed with Miss Shirley. I first read Anne of Green Gables when I was 8, and have been in love since. Seriously, I read that book at least once per year. And I've read the series (8 books in all) like 4 different times.

I'm completely serious when I say that I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't been reading about Anne --with an "e"-- for such a long time! 

My professional opinion on the movies: #1 AMAZING. #2 Good. #3 Where did that even come from?!?!?!

P.s. Isn't that the cutest picture of Anne and Gil?! DAW. They're are just so adorable.


I mean, do I need to say more? I adore books. They hold magic. I have lived a thousand different lives in their pages. Reading Anne of Green Gables is actually what first got me into wanting to write! I actually wrote a poem about it; read that here

Speaking of poetry...


I write poetry, I read poetry, I see poetry everywhere. I love poetry because it can be so simple, mysterious, engaging, challenging, lovely... I just love poetry, because of it's entire essence. I'm more into the older poets then the more modern ones... I like poetry to rhyme. I have an entire blog* that is dedicated to my own poetry. I've been told I'm good at it, so hopefully no one is just flattering me and letting me post some of the most horrendous blasphemy towards this miraculous word-art. Enough people have told me so that I'm fairly confident that it's not that terrible, though.

*If you click the link in the previous point, then it'll take you to my poetry blog. Here's the link again, though. I'm afraid I am rather sparse on actually posting poetry on there... A lot of the poetry I write would be weird for anyone but myself to read, and as such I don't want to post it for the world to see. 


Doesn't that quote just say it all? If only I had come up with it... I'm afraid my word prowess is far from that level of supremacy as of yet. 
I love writing. I love writing using a pen on a simple notepad. I love writing on a blank page on the computer. I love writing because it is how I think. I almost never fully understand my thoughts until I have them written out in some form or another. I love writing because it is a way to capture your thoughts in a time capsule. I love writing because it is timeless. I love writing because written words last for hundreds of years. I love writing because it inspires people. I love writing because you can reach so many people through it. 

I love to write. 

P.s. That quote is from Michelle L. Buckley (whoever that is...).


Okay, so like: I LOVE THEATRE. I've only been in two shows: Oliver! and Anne of Green Gables. 
It. Was. Fantastic. 
Both were musicals... AH. I love it so much. how can I explain how much I love it?! The adrenaline, the people, the crowd, the hushed voices backstage...
My director, Lori Hammer, is lagitly amazing. SKIT Theatre is amazing.
I adore theatre.

P.s. In case you couldn't tell, that picture up there is myself (along with Megan and Anthony) in SKIT Theatre's production of Oliver! We were part of Fagin's gang. 
I was mocking Fagin (behind his back) as he was explaining the joys of a life of thievery to little Oliver.


Music is what feelings sound like. 
I read that somewhere, probably on Pinterest. 
I'm pretty sure like everyone can relate to some kind of music. It doesn't really matter what kind of music it is, most everyone has had it touch their lives in some way or another. Whether it be the lyrics coming to life before your eyes, or the way the melody can shake your soul, or make it fly, or even be a healing balm... Music is a universal language.

You might be thinking "Why would she use a picture of a broken piano?"
Well, everything about this picture makes my heart practically stop beating. I mean, do you see how beautiful it is? It's a piano, which indicates music. It's broken, which makes me think of pain. But it's beautiful, which is well... beautiful. It makes me want to know it's story, too. Broken and beautiful.


I can get really obsessed with certain words. I'll discover them, and then use them as much as I possibly can for a few weeks, until someone is like "Why do you keep using that word?" and I'm all like "Oh.. cuz it's cool?". It's not like I even notice, usually. I just pick up a word and use it to death! 
I love words. There are so many, and they're so interesting! I love to read Shakespeare, because I seriously would love to live in a time when they used such delicious words as the characters in the plays do! I'm jealous. 
Words have so much power. It doesn't matter if they're sung, written, or just plain 'ole spoken. Words Have Power.


A combination of two of my loves: acting and music! Tada! It's pure magic.
Who doesn't love Les Miserables, Marry Poppins, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, The Sound of Music, Oliver Twist, West Side Story, The Wizard of OZ, and countless other musicals? If you don't... well, you're missing out on a enriching part of life: AND YOU CAN JUST LEAVE NOW, OKAY?


There you have it, folks! A short compilation of a few of my favorite things :)

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