Monday, September 22, 2014

A Poem

I did a lot of thinking last night, and this poem was part of that :)


It really is a myth that pain is always terrible,
Sure it breaks your heart - but it's also what makes life bearable,
It has to mean something - that your heart can still have feeling,
The pain is a sort of promise, that this world will keep on reeling.

All the broken pieces, that used to be your heart,
A peculiar type of courage and strength seem to impart,
Each day you'll pick up a few scattered pieces, and carefully paste them together,
And the finished result is going to be different - this has changed you forever.

There will be pieces that are missing, parts of you that are lost,
The joy you had before, came with a mighty cost,
Yet as you behold the fresh shape your heart has taken on,
It will almost seem natural that those pieces are now gone.

So don't run away from the pain, embrace it with all that you've got,
And as the emotions wash over you, enjoy this little thought:
The changes in your life, bring promises of something new,
And if you let it - this pain will build a better you.


Somehow I feel like this song is appropriate to have attached to this post. 

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